On-line Ordering System for Restaurant and Take Away

When it comes to On-line Ordering Systems for Restaurant and Take Away; small to medium size Restaurant and Take Away businesses have been battling for years to keep up with technology that was only ever available to the franchises and big business chains.

Why? $$$ of course… That was until now!

What if we told you that we could build you a fully functional on-line ordering system for your restaurant’s customers that won’t overwhelm you and the price won’t make your eyes glaze over!

Until now there were limited options for most small to medium size restaurants and take away businesses.

  •  Hire a big bucks Web Design Company– Expensive (10’s of thousands of dollars or more).
  •  Third party service – Expensive (the ongoing charges result in losing a percentage of sales) and limited customisation.

If you have a Restaurant and Take Away Business, and you are interested in an On-line Ordering System – we have a fully operational  demo website that can cater for a stand alone business or a multiple site business. On-line Ordering System for Restaurant and Takeaway Demo Website 

Because one of the things that most people don’t want to do in this day and age is wait for service; they just don’t have the time. This means that the easier you make it for your customers to order and have their order delivered or just picked up on the way home the more your restaurant/take away benefits from increased revenue.

Even if you change your menu, you can easily add or delete items from the menu on-line.  (or we can do it for you!)

  • Restaurant Menu By Category (i.e. Mains, Entree, Sides, Desserts, etc.)
  • Custom Options for Menu Items both paid and free (i.e. Mustard [no charge], Cheese [$1.00])
  • Shopping Cart with PayPal integration – takes all major Credit Cards even if you don’t !(for the same rates as the banks)
  • Your customers can elect to pick up or have their order delivered.
  • Your customers can choose to pay on-line or on pick-up/delivery.
  • Support for Discount Coupons
  • Calculates the GST
  • Calculates delivery costs 
  • The On line Ordering System for Restaurant and Take Away supports multiple restaurant locations (great if you have more than one store)
  • Integrated Image Slider – allows multiple photos for any dishes or side dishes
  • Social Network Integration 
  • Responsive Design Supporting Tablets and Mobile Phones (Get your customers orders while they are out and about)
  • Supports delivery address validation (by distance) and whether your customer is in your delivery zone. (You designate your delivery area in kilometres) 
  • Supports Specials and Recommended Menu Items
  • And Much More!

Here’s What You Get!

The On-line Ordering System for Restaurant and Take Away  is Fully Responsive and Ready to take orders from your customers on their PC,  Mobile Smartphone or Tablet.

The Restaurant and Take Away On line Ordering System is fully set up and maintained. It can be set up to integrate with your own website if you have one, or run independently.

Contact Us today for your obligation free consultation.

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Demo WebsiteOn-line Ordering System Restaurant and Takeaway