Web SEO Strategies

Have you sat down and looked at your Web SEO Strategies? Have you ever wondered what web SEO is all about? Do you have your  Web SEO Strategies all figured out?

Most  business owners and managers don’t have the first idea about what SEO is all about when it comes to their web site, they are happy to employ a web designer based on their reputation or by word of mouth referral from a colleague or friend.

When the web designer consults with the business owner, he/she invariably knows what they are talking about, but the business owner is more than likely not an expert in the web design and development field and there is a certain amount of trust involved that the business owner has to take the web designer at his/her word.

Unfortunately, most business owners haven’t a clue that putting a website out there in cyber-space. Is going to be met with an enormous amount of competition. Then, months or even years later, they wonder why the only people that make it to their web page are the ones that have the web address from the business card, or advertising in the old fashioned way, with yellow pages phone book, or Television and Radio advertising.

Then the web site is built and it looks  great, functions well, but the web site just doesn’t register on the Google results – not even when the Domain name is typed into the search bar. (We have clients that had this very problem, after spending enormous amounts of their hard earned cash on their web designer)

What you as a business owner should expect when you have a website built is that it will at least show up in the Search Engines. When that doesn’t happen, you have to ask why? If you were to ask your Web Designer, they would immediately reply, you have to get an SEO Expert. (Almost like it is nothing to do with the web page)

However, the web page accounts for around 30% of the total SEO score, and if your website is not optimised, even an external SEO company can’t always fix the problem.

So, if you are in this predicament, what do you do? You can download our PDF and get some handy hints and tips, or if your web site needs some work, you can call or email us for an obligation free consultation Web SEO Strategies.

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