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Every business no matter how large or small thrives on ‘word of mouth’ or ‘referrals’, in the digital age we live in with social media it has become easier than ever to tell others about your experiences, good or bad.

If you are a customer and you like our service we would ask that you Recommend our Mobile, Web Development and SEO services on some of these platforms, we have made it relatively easy and painless by giving you the links to these pages below: we only ask that you say (review us) in your own words. (some clues to go by… we are looking for comments on our Professional service and how we deliver our product by the stated times as well as our innovative solutions to your needs etc. Of course you can add anything else you think is relevant as well. If you are not happy about our work, we would really like to hear from you.

Now if you think this is important to our business, wait till you find out that your business needs to have a page just like this one, and you also need to have pages just like the ones below (please take time to visit at least one of these pages to see what we are talking about) this is known as social media SEO. Don’t underestimate the power that these kinds of properties have in Google’s results, (aka Search Engine Results Position (SERP’s) since the last update in the SERP algorithm, Google lays a lot more weight on the Social Media Reviews.

Yes, you can do this yourself as a good business manager or owner, or you can leave it to the specialists?! You guessed it… we do have a service that can provide you with a well formatted and Keyword strong Social Page, as well as the page on your website asking for your customers to write their reviews and we can link all of this with a campaign if you like. You could try this yourself, but at the end of the day, you are an expert at what you do, just as we are experts at what we do. So it makes sense to have us do the work for you – we set up all the properties; accounts and content we upload all the logos and graphics of products or services and set up your webpage for your customers. Then all you have to do is recommend that your customers leave a review by going to your website instead of making it hard for them to find the review sites themselves. (win-win for everyone).

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