Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Shopping Carts and eCommerce websites and just about anything you can do online that involves a customer paying for your products or services requires a Payment Gateway for eCommerce.

Our comprehensive list of responsive websites include Car Dealership Sales, Real Estate Sales, Health and Beauty Products Sales and Service Appointments, Take Away Restaurants Online Ordering Systems. See our list of Payment Gateways below:

Whatever your business, we have a web solution and payment system for you.

Web Design for Mobiles and Tablets

Where the rubber meets the road…

It is one thing to have a web site, however if you are running a successful business, you also need to be portable. Yes, for Smart Phones, Android, Tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Millions of people are searching the internet for businesses like yours every day using their mobile  smart phone or tablet.

The mobile smart phone has become your customer’s computer. “Right now, more people will access the internet by mobile phones than desktop computers”.

Fact: The customers you want are mobile users.

Fact: Those same people want access to your website using their mobile smart phone

Question: Is your website ‘Mobile-Responsive’?

If it’s not ‘Mobile-Responsive’, then you have a big problem!

Cash-carrying, time strapped customers and potential customers are passing you by and your competitors who have embraced the technology and have a Mobile-Responsive web site are happily accepting the extra business.

Unless you do something about it! You are going to miss out.

 Web Design for Mobiles and Tablets  – FAQ’s

 “How can my business be Mobile-Responsive?” Easy! e Local Business; will build you an image-enhanced, easy-to-read, mobile website and your business will automatically be available to millions of mobile users anywhere, 24/7!

”Why is mobile web so important?” Mobile phones outnumber PC’s by 4 to 1 and this number is growing daily. Your customers are already looking for you on their mobile phones. If your potential customers can’t find you or your website isn’t easy to see or navigate from the portable device you lose them.

“You’ll be listed twice in the search engines!” Having a mobile web site provides an optimised way for prospective customers to find you. Your business will be listed on the on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Your business will be placed in high traffic mobile and local directories, increasing your exposure and more exposure equals more business!

“Why do mobile sites need to be different?” Websites built for viewing on computer screens don’t present well on mobile phone screens, which are much smaller and slower to load. Mobile sites are specifically designed to be easy to read and navigate through on mobile phones.

“Will this replace my standard desktop website?” No, your desktop site remains unchanged. When a visitor arrives at your site while on their mobile device, it automatically and seamlessly delivers them to your mobile friendly version, and they still have the option to return to your full website with just one click!

“Is a mobile site expensive?” No, the volume of installations we do allows us to keep this service very affordable for almost any size business. And the return on investment (ROI) is usually very high.

“Why do I need a mobile website specialist?” There are still a lot of web designers that don’t know how to build effective mobile websites. Our proven expertise gives us an edge in creating a simple-to-use and sales-ready mobile site and we do it in record time.

Here’s our PROMISE:

Your mobile web site will work on every mobile device- 100% GUARANTEED!

100% Adaptability – Your mobile site will automatically adapt to any mobile phone.

100% Versatility – Your visitors will easily be able to switch between your mobile site and your full website.

100% Device Detection – Your visitors will be ensured the best user experience by automatically being routed to your mobile site if they are browsing on their mobile device.

100% Customer Visibility – Visitors see your website the way it was meant to be seen, on all platforms regardless of the operating system or brand.

Contact us now for a FREE, no-obligation evaluation and see how your site displays on your customer’s mobile phones and tablets. And how we can create an attention-getting, customer-generating mobile website for your business!

Why Take A Chance?  There are very few experienced services that can build a mobile website for your business. We are one of the few professionals that can custom design your mobile website quickly and within your budget.

(Installation is included. Flexible Hosting & Service Plans are available.)

Leave your competitors at the starting gate, get Mobile TODAY with our Web Design for Mobiles and Tablets

Responsive Web Sites.

Get a Quote on Mobile Friendly Web Sites – Today

Responsive Web Sites for small business

Does your Business have a Responsive Website?  this is a key question you should be asking yourself.

If you answered “No” then read on.

In today’s marketplace if you are still relying on Yellow Pages phone book advertising, the local newspaper or worse still the local letterbox distributor, and you don’t have a standard or responsive web site, then you can’t be serious about your business.  If you want to stay in business and increase your customer base, then you need to get serious about getting a responsive web site for your business.

What is a Responsive Website? 

Well simply put; it is a website that is built with the ‘mobile first’ approach. That is that the website is designed for all three screen types, mobile, tablet and monitor.

I am sure you’ve seen what is going on around you… mobile phones are everywhere – people just can’t put them down,  in the supermarket, on the train, even walking around. If you look around right now you’re likely to see someone nose down using a mobile phone.

Would it surprise you to know that these same people are using their mobile phones to search for businesses just like yours?

In fact 1 out of every 5 searches is now done on a mobile device and over 30% of those searches are done by people looking for a business or service in their local area.

And amazingly 52% of local mobile searches actually result in a call to a local business.

But what happens when these new customers looking to buy click on the link to your site?  If your website isn’t mobile optimised they have to scroll up and down  – zoom in and out – and become frustrated very quickly.

What’s worse – they’ll simply leave your site and go to a competitor who has made their site easy to use on their mobile phone.   The fact is … 99% of the people that leave your website because they couldn’t use it on their mobile or tablet and they will never come back.

And things are only going to get worse for you – estimates  as far back as 2010 showed that the number of mobile searches would surpass desk top searches.

So, don’t put up a road block between you and your new customers.  Instead, put out the welcome mat and get your site responsive.

Call us today and start getting more clicks, more conversions and more happy customers.

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Domains & Hosting

Domains & Hosting

We believe that the best hosting and domain registrar in the world is GoDaddy!

If you are thinking of purchasing a Domain or Hosting, use the link below to get the best deals.

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If you aren’t sure of what to get, please email me via the contact page or call me on 0488 071 975 and we can discuss your needs.

If we are building your website you may not need to host your domain with GoDaddy, we can do this for you in our package options.


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Tradesmen and Contractors

Tradesmen and Contractors

Are you a tradesman and/or contractor?  What is your trade? How do you  earn a living?  Do you run a small business, from home or are you a medium sized business, with multiple tradesmen and contractors working for you? You may not think so, but you do need a web site, it is almost as necessary as having your first coffee in the morning. 

Tradesmen and Contractors

If you do Nothing, then Nothing Changes

Many Tradesmen and Contractors think that they can plod along and keep busy with their business by word of mouth or referrals, and a small amount of newspaper advertising, or a well signed truck. But if you belong to this group of Tradesmen and Contractors, then you need to rethink your strategies. If you want to stay small, and plod along, then keep doing what you are doing, but, if you want to grow, expand or earn more and work less you need to start rethinking what you are doing. If your business is in need of a web site or a mobile web site or just an upgrade because your web site is old and tired and even you don’t want to look at it. Then look no further, we do perform miracles! We can design and build your web site, specific to your business needs. If you don’t have the words to fill the content we can do the copy writing for you. We have a team of extremely good copywriters to help you out there! Our copywriters take your trades’ keywords and write to satisfy Google incessant needs for good keyword optimisation. We do the 30% on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure that your Tradesmen and Contractors web site is seen by Google, and that you start showing up in the search engines immediately.

Tradesmen and Contractors

If you want your business to grow, you need to have a web site!

We allow you to be a Tradesmen and Contractor: we are the web and digital experts, let us do our work to increase your business and help you grow.

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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design


Does your website show up looking like a miniature version of your website – in fact is it that small when you look at your mobile website that you can’t read the words on the page?

We will design  your fully responsive web site so that your  visitors who access your web page from a mobile or tablet device will automatically render for the device; this is not a replication of you main website it is your website. This means your visitors will have the best user experience (UX) when accessing your site.  For more information please see our page for on the benefits of having a fully responsive web site:  Responsive Web Design

What do you need to do ? 

All you need to do is: contact us for a consultation to design and build your web site.

For more information on our  Web Design  

Call 0488 071 975 or email us for more details or an obligation free consultation.

Mobile Web Design

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