Does your Business have a Responsive Website?  this is a key question you should be asking yourself.

If you answered “No” then read on.

In today’s marketplace if you are still relying on Yellow Pages phone book advertising, the local newspaper or worse still the local letterbox distributor, and you don’t have a standard or responsive web site, then you can’t be serious about your business.  If you want to stay in business and increase your customer base, then you need to get serious about getting a responsive web site for your business.

What is a Responsive Website? 

Well simply put; it is a website that is built with the ‘mobile first’ approach. That is that the website is designed for all three screen types, mobile, tablet and monitor.

I am sure you’ve seen what is going on around you… mobile phones are everywhere – people just can’t put them down,  in the supermarket, on the train, even walking around. If you look around right now you’re likely to see someone nose down using a mobile phone.

Would it surprise you to know that these same people are using their mobile phones to search for businesses just like yours?

In fact 1 out of every 5 searches is now done on a mobile device and over 30% of those searches are done by people looking for a business or service in their local area.

And amazingly 52% of local mobile searches actually result in a call to a local business.

But what happens when these new customers looking to buy click on the link to your site?  If your website isn’t mobile optimised they have to scroll up and down  – zoom in and out – and become frustrated very quickly.

What’s worse – they’ll simply leave your site and go to a competitor who has made their site easy to use on their mobile phone.   The fact is … 99% of the people that leave your website because they couldn’t use it on their mobile or tablet and they will never come back.

And things are only going to get worse for you – estimates  as far back as 2010 showed that the number of mobile searches would surpass desk top searches.

So, don’t put up a road block between you and your new customers.  Instead, put out the welcome mat and get your site responsive.

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