Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Payment Gateways for eCommerce

Shopping Carts and eCommerce websites and just about anything you can do online that involves a customer paying for your products or services requires a Payment Gateway for eCommerce.

Our comprehensive list of responsive websites include Car Dealership Sales, Real Estate Sales, Health and Beauty Products Sales and Service Appointments, Take Away Restaurants Online Ordering Systems. See our list of Payment Gateways below:

Whatever your business, we have a web solution and payment system for you.

Web Design for Mobiles and Tablets

Where the rubber meets the road…

It is one thing to have a web site, however if you are running a successful business, you also need to be portable. Yes, for Smart Phones, Android, Tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Millions of people are searching the internet for businesses like yours every day using their mobile  smart phone or tablet.

The mobile smart phone has become your customer’s computer. “Right now, more people will access the internet by mobile phones than desktop computers”.

Fact: The customers you want are mobile users.

Fact: Those same people want access to your website using their mobile smart phone

Question: Is your website ‘Mobile-Responsive’?

If it’s not ‘Mobile-Responsive’, then you have a big problem!

Cash-carrying, time strapped customers and potential customers are passing you by and your competitors who have embraced the technology and have a Mobile-Responsive web site are happily accepting the extra business.

Unless you do something about it! You are going to miss out.

 Web Design for Mobiles and Tablets  – FAQ’s

 “How can my business be Mobile-Responsive?” Easy! e Local Business; will build you an image-enhanced, easy-to-read, mobile website and your business will automatically be available to millions of mobile users anywhere, 24/7!

”Why is mobile web so important?” Mobile phones outnumber PC’s by 4 to 1 and this number is growing daily. Your customers are already looking for you on their mobile phones. If your potential customers can’t find you or your website isn’t easy to see or navigate from the portable device you lose them.

“You’ll be listed twice in the search engines!” Having a mobile web site provides an optimised way for prospective customers to find you. Your business will be listed on the on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Your business will be placed in high traffic mobile and local directories, increasing your exposure and more exposure equals more business!

“Why do mobile sites need to be different?” Websites built for viewing on computer screens don’t present well on mobile phone screens, which are much smaller and slower to load. Mobile sites are specifically designed to be easy to read and navigate through on mobile phones.

“Will this replace my standard desktop website?” No, your desktop site remains unchanged. When a visitor arrives at your site while on their mobile device, it automatically and seamlessly delivers them to your mobile friendly version, and they still have the option to return to your full website with just one click!

“Is a mobile site expensive?” No, the volume of installations we do allows us to keep this service very affordable for almost any size business. And the return on investment (ROI) is usually very high.

“Why do I need a mobile website specialist?” There are still a lot of web designers that don’t know how to build effective mobile websites. Our proven expertise gives us an edge in creating a simple-to-use and sales-ready mobile site and we do it in record time.

Here’s our PROMISE:

Your mobile web site will work on every mobile device- 100% GUARANTEED!

100% Adaptability – Your mobile site will automatically adapt to any mobile phone.

100% Versatility – Your visitors will easily be able to switch between your mobile site and your full website.

100% Device Detection – Your visitors will be ensured the best user experience by automatically being routed to your mobile site if they are browsing on their mobile device.

100% Customer Visibility – Visitors see your website the way it was meant to be seen, on all platforms regardless of the operating system or brand.

Contact us now for a FREE, no-obligation evaluation and see how your site displays on your customer’s mobile phones and tablets. And how we can create an attention-getting, customer-generating mobile website for your business!

Why Take A Chance?  There are very few experienced services that can build a mobile website for your business. We are one of the few professionals that can custom design your mobile website quickly and within your budget.

(Installation is included. Flexible Hosting & Service Plans are available.)

Leave your competitors at the starting gate, get Mobile TODAY with our Web Design for Mobiles and Tablets

Responsive Web Sites.

Get a Quote on Mobile Friendly Web Sites – Today

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Basic search engine optimization SEO is fundamental. And essential. SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your site. What are.…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The average website have in the vicinity of 20 visitors on any given day! How does your website tally?

We have customers who have used our Search Engine Optimisation services to increase the overall incoming  inquiries to their businesses. The services will ensure that within three months of starting the Search Engine Optimisation SEO process, we will guarantee that your website will be on the first page of Google for your top 5 keywords (or keyword phrases).

Most business websites without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are ornamental sites and need a “little fertilizer” to get them growing to a point where they are visible above the competition.

Business owners and managers who have been sold on a website by a “sales person” are sold on the idea that if they build it Customers will come! Unfortunately this is not so, if you want your business website to be found among the possible 500,000 to a 1,000,000 pages (yes you read it right… up to a Million pages) out there that are your competition; you need Search Engine Optimisation SEO that Google can see and point searchers (a.k.a. your new customers)  in the right direction!

As an example: Let’s say we want to do a Keyword Search for the phrase ‘tree services queensland’ the results that came up (1/12/2014) 2,060,000 results- this means that for this Keyword, there are  2,060,000 other pages out there that you have to be standing in line with to get a look!

results Google

 Can you see the results at the top of the page; these are non organic -Pay Per Click (Paid Ads with Google) results Googleresults Google– businesses pay anywhere from $1.50 every time someone clicks on them (no guarantee that the person clicking is going to become a new customer). Most of these businesses are paying upward of $1000 per month just to have these ads showing which no guarantee of any business coming from them. Sometime the people that are clicking are tyre kickers – or time wasters.

This is not the only thing that can be on the page… for some keywords it is possible to also have the Local business sites come up before the Organic listings. (organic listings organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.

Notice where the first organic page is found… (See – (Position 1 – starts here)

In real estate the saying is “Location,  Location, Location” in cyberspace (the internet) there is no difference. The success of a Restaurant or a Coffee Shop is based on its location – if it is buried somewhere in a back street that nobody ever passes, chances are that it won’t be there for long. Same goes for the internet; If your page (website) is on page 297 of Google’s Results chances are that your website is only there to look good, be ornamental and something that we really hate to say, but it is so true, is purely there for vanity! Not to mention you won’t get any new business from it which in turn means that your ROI (return on investment) will be negative, a waste of money!

Can your website be easily found… Do you even know what makes your website easily found? 

If the answer is no; and you really want your business to flourish, then you need to contact us now. You will talk to the person that is the SEO expert, not a sales person. We don’t sell to you, we get your business found on the internet!

One of the best things that has happened to me in a  long time, was when one of my clients came to me and asked me to stop their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service… My Question was – Why? (I knew that their website was on page one for all their keywords, so why did they want me to stop? They had a problem, they didn’t want their business to grow any further. How would you like that problem? The result of our work was so obvious, the business had been busier than ever, and they were at the point of having to (a) put on more staff and (b) purchase more equipment.

The only warning that I could give them and any other business that is interested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for their website, is that once we stop working on the  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the competition that is continually doing their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is eventually going to outrank them – at which time, their website goes down in the rank and others climb over them. (the cost to re-instate the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the same as starting from scratch. So, it is not wise to stop unless you plan to finish your business.

Contact us to get an SEO Audit That Will Help Your Business Climb The Search Rankings

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